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On the Transience of Garden Fads

"It was visited by all the gentlemen and gentlewomen for the size and beauty of its flower.  But now it is so vulgar that no one cares about it".

Ulisse Aldrovandi on  the first "Peruvian Chrysanthemum" seen in Italy (actually a sunflower), planted in Bologna in 1594.  Seen above in his 18 volume Tavole di piante, available online in its entirety at the University of Bologna.
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College Gardener said...

Hahahaha... Glad to know there is nothing new about the faddishness of gardening choices. Thanks for the fun link!

Anne Wareham said...

Quite. Longer you live, the more you see it....

landskips said...

Thanks a lot for the interesting link!

liz read said...

I chased the link and it blew my mind! What staggering stuff and SO MUCH!
thanks for that.........

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