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I could do this! Samara Garden Seating, Frank Lloyd Wright

image:  Brian Pomeroy [source]

 I once thought I might like to write an article about a Frank Lloyd Wright landscape.  My hometown of Tulsa  has a FLW house, Westhope (which no one is allowed to enter, or perhaps I am simply not well-connected enough to enter) and a set of intriguing old photos of its gardens I once found in an archive remain in my memory as an unrealized garden history dream.

Westhope is one of Wright's squares, and I like Wright best in squares, not in the triangles he later adopted as a guiding geometry.  But I recently ran across this garden bench from his 'Samara' house in West Lafayette, Indiana., whose assymetrical polygons give the standard boulder-and-seat arrangement a great mid-century vibe.  I could do this!

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Catherine said...

While I kind of like them too, within about a minute I was seeing coffin lids. Must be having a macabre day. Now that's all I can see. Oops - perhaps I shouldn't have given you that thought......

MulchMaid said...

I really like the very precise shape and hard edges juxtaposed with the natural rock and soft garden elements.

Helen said...

Interesting angle. Leaves me wondering about Golden Proportions.

Kathy Wilder said...

Hi, garden history girl. I don't see a "contact me" place on your site, so I hope you don't mind my using your comments sections to ask a question. I was reading another garden blog, Transatlantic Gardener, and he was wondering if anyone knew the origin of the name of the plant Nepeta Walker's Low, since it's anything but low growing. Thought you might know! Thanks!

arcady said...

Hi Kathy,
Unfortunately I've no idea about the origins of that name! Best of luck...

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