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Garden History Image of the Week...Le Jardin Japonais

To add to the previously posted history of Japanese dish gardens, this lovely image by Icart published in the French magazine L'Illustration in 1932.
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Steve said...

Arcady, I have gone and included you in one of those abdominal "MeMe' Award things. I am sure you have had a few of these and I did not bother to research your site for verification. I come here often, as you will discover to your surprise, and respect your blog enormously. I tried posting comments once long ago and failed miserably at it for some reason or other, thus my lack of commentary. You may visit my red got site to pick up your compost encrusted Award Of Merit. Those are the rules, lol.

Martha said...

Isn't that astounding, poignant, beautifully rendered?

What a talent.

Hermes said...

I do like that image.

Chookie said...

Lovely! It's funny how the garden is rendered in a less frou-frou way than the Europeans! Thank you again for your interest in miniature gardens. I haven't yet developed one for myself...

Georgia said...

Have you considered submitting an essay to Human Flower Project (humanflowerproject.com)?

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Ah, that's lovely. I never knew you had an Oklahoma blog until the Blotanical Awards. Congrats on being chosen as a finalist for Best Oklahoma Blog.~~Dee

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