Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gardenhistorygirl goes to China!

The lack of posting lately has been due to a trip to China...not the trip itself (I am now sucessfully blogging from Tianjin), but the preparation for it. For though I am a garden history girl, I still earn my living as a Woman of Science and part of that is attending International Scientific Conferences at which to present the all important Results of Research. And the laboratory preparation for that has been intense and taxing.

But now that I'm here, there is time to blog and I've just spent the last two days seeing the historic gardens of Suzhou (that's the 'Master of the Nets Garden' above), so many more photos and discussion of Chinese gardens to come.


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Well, isn't that cool. Can't wait to see them~~Dee

Endymion said...

looking forward to posts and pictures from china! :)

The Garden Monkey said...


Lucky you.

Garden Monkey

butterflynymph said...

very cool - looking forward to reading about your experiences!
~plantgirl of
Plantgirl's Square Foot Garden

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